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Singapore was great but ended as a nightmare !

Article category: Escort Business
Submitted on: 02/02/14 07:21

I am on this site now almost a year active member, shared my feelings and deepest secrets with all the members. Had periods that very busy and periods with no appointments at all! Have no secrets to share at the moment but find it time to tell a little bit about my past life : 
In my last article I told everyone that I have 2 kids , daughter from 12 and a son from 13, both are healthy and been raised by the parents from the guy, who forced me in to a relationship with him and to have sex.That experience is today still the mean reason why I don't prefer to give my service to Filipino men, It brings memories back when I provide my service to Filipino men, which makes me hopeless, hurt and which I like to forget as fast as possible! The positive miracle what it well brought in to my life are these two beautiful, intelligent young people who I loved since the day where born but have missed so much the last 6 years every day! 
The choice of leaving my kids by the parents from this guy was a very hard decision which I had to make to make and didn't saw another way, I left my kids to earn money to support them,so that their will be a income on a regular basis every month! I
I started working as a escort or company girl in a famous Hotel in Makati and become very fast one of the favorite girls the hotel guest would like to book, but with a fresh bad memory in mind from this forced sex in my privet life I had only I thing planned to do and that was to leave the Philippines and my history behind to find my luck in another country and to find a way to earn money outside Manila . 
To make some extra money I also was looking for men who where looking for company from a young and sexy female on the streets in Makati, Of course this was not aloud by the hotel where I worked every day but this didn't stop me . 
I became in a very short time one off the most popular working girl in the street and the hotel. This brought me in contact with people who made money with supporting and guiding from sexy Filipino girls to countries as Singapore , Japan and Hong Kong. So I arranged my passport and flight tickets with money from this people, which I needed to pay back with money that I earned in the other country with my work as a working girl! I had made my up my mind and went to Singapore! 
The people who supported the girls by given them a financial loan arranged that the girls had a guide during the trip to Singapore and arranged places where the girls could sleep, fresh up and leave personal items when they go work! this people could be making your life hell if you not made sure you paid the loan back with a lot of extra interest or profit on time. When I arrived for the first time in Singapore I was very excited about my new life that was ahead for me and directly after dropping my things at the boarding house I was going out to find clients and make money on my own. Within a week I had paid my complete debt and was making easy but big money. In the weeks that followed ,I enjoyed working so much and made so much money that going back to Manila was not an option and extended my visa for Singapore and kept finding ways to extended my stay time after time. 
With the money that I earned I starting to guide and support new girls to who like to go the same road as I did and was very successful doing this. But like always their are people around you who are jealous about your success and good money that you make so they do anything to destroy that and fuck you up big time ! One day a person informed the police about the whole situation and everybody involved was arrested a few days later. The final result of that jealous person costed me 9 months jail in Singapore and all the saved money the police had found was gone ! 
After I did my time in jail for the crimes I committed in Singapore I was deported back to Philippines and it took me not so much longer later before I re-started my work as a working girl on street. With in a few weeks I had a new passport and a financial person for the cost to find my luck this time in Hong Kong ! 
Next article :Hong Kong , this place changed my life !

About the author:

Natasha is an independent escort working in Manila


03/05/14 03:55
one thing i appreciate about you is your honesty.

03/07/14 08:37
thank you anita, I am just myself but thanks anita!

05/07/14 16:41
Surely a heavy story for you, but great honesty. Looking forward to your next story about HK. And of course why you returned to MNL.

05/09/14 04:21
thanks muppetlocal for your reaction

05/08/14 18:13
i m new, how can activated my account

05/09/14 04:22
so far i can check it is your account actived

11/08/14 07:06
hi Natasha I fuck u

08/16/14 07:12
natasha2wet - Thank you for sharing!

08/24/14 07:25
Thank you so much for sharing. Hope there are enough good men around to help you in the future too. It must have been a painful journey for you.

08/26/14 05:27
I'm sorry you had such a hard time. I hope thing's will get easier for you. I hope to read more of your articles. :-). Can I please add you as a friend.

11/08/14 07:02
hello girls I am new here I like hard sex any girl sex with me

11/08/14 07:04
hi sexi h r u I want to sex with you

04/21/15 07:27
Omg that 9mos in jail! Fuck who did this to u. I hope she burn her soul in hell!

04/21/15 07:31
Omg that 9mos in jail! Fuck who did this to u. I hope she burn her soul in hell!

Deleted User 912872
10/19/15 07:16
So sad to hear.. all shall be fine ur brave hearted lady..

01/19/16 08:24
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Sabrina Fernandez
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