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By Maia
Article category: Erotic
Submitted on: 01/25/14 01:14

It has been a happy, delirious week. From the first night of laughter, comradeship and shared tales of life, to the slow build up of tension, the shy tentative advances that later burst into wild heat, it has been a merry-go-round of emotions.

Relief at finding one so attuned to another’s thoughts, followed by fear of a parting to come, a pulling back from intimacy to protect one’s psyche and always, always the inevitable drawing of souls together.

In the end, amid tangled legs and arms, with moans and pants giving way to whispered endearments, we set fear aside. It will always be part of our lives. We will acknowledge it without letting it rule our dreams.

It is the end of my second week with you. I, who have spent decades flitting in and out of the family home like some breezy hotel guest, am settling down into domesticity.

Waking up for breakfast, calling you for my whereabouts, drawn to you at odd moments of the day when I need to reassure myself that reality hasn’t taken flight.

Getting lost in alleys, knowing you are just a phone call away. Giddy at dusk, dancing to your side as you walk of out work. I have even learned to care about the state of your collar, me who’d rarely bothered with my clothes.

I call to check if you’ve eaten, I who used to sprint through the days forgetting my own meals in the chaos of work. It is not me, yet it is me, this serene soul who now waits at home, smiling at a womanly role I have never known.

I hear footsteps and gather my papers and paints and books. It is time for you, who continue of amaze me with your constant gentle attention to my needs, even when I don’t think of them.

A brief talk on the phone had revealed some stress at work. This time I can give as much as I have received.

You walk in, valiantly trying to transform scowl into a smile. Your shoulders are hunched. There is tic in your cheek.

I greet you with a hug, stroking your back, and lead you to the couch where I can better reach your head. I give you soft kisses, warmth replacing passion’s heat, silence telling you it is okay to be tired and grouchy.

You close your eyes and allow yourself to be nurtured, and smile when a mug of coffee is placed near your hands. In between sips, you allow your forehead to be caressed by my fingers, sigh as my hands reach for your tense shoulders.

You have brought food but dinner can wait. It is time to give back the peace you have given me.

I lead you to the bedroom, ours after the third night of my visit. I open your shirt and take these and pants and socks to the hamper. I smile; often we rip clothes off each other’s backs, or fumble at them to get each each other’s flesh. Tonight is a different kind of loving, as precious as those nights that fill our home with flames.

I give you a kiss and tell you to relax to some music while the tub fills. A little scent, a little oil, then we are both in the warm water. I take a washcloth, slowly run it through your back, your chest, your arms and legs and thighs. A slow gentle rubbing, sensual, not meant to fan the flames. Not yet.

You sigh and give me little kisses as I encircle your body with soap, as I reach under for balls and shaft, soft and tender now, and the skin between your nether cheeks.

From time to time, you reach for my breasts but it is a languid touch, a wondering touch. We smile. You lean back to watch me run the cloth through my body and then reach out to clean the part you love the most. I tense slightly; I cannot help reacting to your touch. You know the control I am exerting and you give a teasing smile as your fingers play gently with me.

Let me, you say. And I submit, looking at you as I surrender to your touch, knowing it is what you want, a gentle reminder of things to come. Even the shivers that sweep through me are gentle, so different from the rampaging hunger I feel when receiving your flesh. I open my thighs but am still on my knees, both offering and receiving pleasure, just a deeper breathing and the flush on the skin signaling I have come. I slide down to give you a hug and kiss. We cuddle in silence until we feel the tub cool.

I rinse us with the shower hose, laughing at the contortions required to reach your head but you cooperate, bending down for your little one.

I bring you to bed and heat the food you have brought. We drink a little wine, as we listen to music, both singing in harmony. It is bliss.

After an hour, I get up and heat some oil. I tell you to turn over and start a sensual massage. Hands and breasts skim across your back, your shoulders, your arms, your flanks. You sigh as my thumbs sweep across your ass, groan softly as I kiss your feet. I feel your thighs tense as I straddle them but lean down to kiss your nape and you relax.

When you turn over, it is with a wolf’s smile. I know the quiet has given back your strength, and you are once again my strong lover, my devilish giant who thrills to bring me to peaks of ecstasy.

You take the oil and begin running your strong hands up my body. You tell me to keep still, kneeling with thighs spread, open to your eyes, everything within reach.

I keep my hands at my side even as I start trembling when your tweak my nipples and roll them in your fingers, and pull gently until I am gasping. You run your fingers across my thighs, digging in, leaving red stripes that will disappear by the morrow.

You watch me and I, you, eyes widening as I see your cock flex and arise, and soon brush against me, making me moan. I start to slide my cunt against your shaft but you tell me to stay still.

It is you who dictate the pace, agonizingly slow, putting enough pressure to make me whimper, with your cock against my front and your hands now squeezing my ass cheeks, and your teeth giving gentle bites at my breasts.

I obey you but even as I struggle not to move, my moans grow louder and soon I am begging. Liam, please, take me. Make me yours. Take your woman. Please fill me. You continue to tease me until I am almost screaming and just keening your name. Liam. Love. Liam. Love. Please. I need you. So bad. Please. Liam. Love, please.

And one strong hand raises me, and another opens the folds of my lips. You slide a finger in and I groan and say “No” as you pull it out, and groan louder when you slide it into your mouth and then into mine. I am pliant, all yours.

And then I reach down and open myself. One whisper, “I’m yours,” is enough to send your hand plunging into me. You order me to come and I your name, as you hold me still.

You make me come again and all the while you feast on my face, see what you give me, until with a groan, you hoist me up and impale me slowly on your cock.

We are still for a moment; you give me time to recover. My muscles contract and I feel you twitch inside me, and soon the hunger breaks through me. But you will have your way. You tell me to lie still, and put my head on your shoulder so you can see my face. You kiss me gently, then deeper as you start the rolling moves that drive me crazy.

I just hang on as your thrusts slowly gain strength. I see your face tighten; your jaws clench. You start the slow spanking with one hand. Every slap throws my cunt down on your rod. And then a finger reaches for my crack and I am gone, delirious, fully open to your wants.

A cock in me, a finger behind, your lips on my neck and the spanking, the steady spanking. And I burst screaming, and screaming, and screaming and still you will not come. I lean back and look at you. My face says I will give you everything you want.

You kiss me hard on my lips, a deep thirsty kiss. And you growl that you have to take me. And I know it is time to give you everything.

I roll over on my side so you are behind me. You again insert a finger into my ass, then another and I gasp but lie still to be gently stretched. It is ecstasy, this knowledge that all I have is yours.

A third finger follows and again I am back to just saying your name, my eyes filling with tears, not because of pain, but because of the joy that comes with the giving of self to my master.

Then the fingers leave me and I feel the head of your cock, slowly, slowly pushing its way in. I now make sounds with no meaning. I say nothing and everything even as I will myself to go soft for your entry, and your cock fills my entire mind, my veins and my nerves. I become just a tunnel of love. The world disappears. There is only me, your cock, your hands and your lips and the thighs that finally touch mine and say you are buried completely.

And then your other hand reaches over and as you slowly move your cock in my ass, a finger then two, then three enters my cunt and suddenly I am nothing, just a mass of singing, screaming flesh, and I hear my sounds as from a distance and I barely know that your thrusts are getting stronger.

My giant rears in me. You roar, I scream. We call out each others’ names. And you suckle deep into my neck and thrust your last thrusts and we are but sound and movement swirling in space. When we come back, we are both in tears. It has been a complete journey, from silent love to raging fire, and again we have come home.

About the author:

Maia likes to write, among other things. Friends say her middle name is "Trouble".


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