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barebacking six guys

Article category: Personal Experiences
Submitted on: 11/06/13 13:12

well this was a great scene a while back and its back again. this time around it was going to be a little rougher. we went over the script and the scene for a while beforehand. I was waxed and shaved smooth everywhere, the six guys were hung some up to ten inches and thick, they also didn't cum in 5 days, specifically for the scene.

lets cut to the scene. it started off with the girl (played my girlfriend int he movie) who called me on the phone and told me that the renovations have been going well and the guys were doing job. I said I would be there shortly to pay them. when I arrived I spoke with them and they gave me the price of 8000 I said I didn't have that kind of money and we agreed on 4000 before. they said that if my girl would suck them then they would give it to me for free. I freaked out and she kinda had a smile, then another spoke up and said he wanted my mouth and another guy said he wanted my ass. then my girl said why not since we were tight on cash and it would help us out. so it started with my girl and I kissing and touching each other and she went down on me and sucked my dick, then some of the guys circled her and directed her mouth on her dick and two guys pulled me back and put me on my knees to suck them.

they were making me gag real good and they were saying things like my ass is ready to get smashed, they said look he is even smooth like a little bitch. they tried shoving three cocks in my mouth at once, soon enough I was in doggy and taking one in the ass while sucking on them one by one. they fucked my face too. I was really trying hard to take them all the way down. the guys were then saying that they want to shove more up my ass, so one guy lied down on his back and sat on him and then another guy went in my ass too. they got me warmed up and then just destroyed me, while that was happening I was being face fucked constantly. I also did a lot of ass to mouth. the guys were tossing me around everywhere, they just overpowered me. I felt like to total whore and ragdoll. from time to time my girl was kissing me and also taking a cock in her. it was a super hardcore scene, some of the guys took a break because they were close to cumming and then they jumped right back in. when we got to the cumming part the guys were all rock hard and ready to shoot.

they circled me and I sucked them again, shortly enough the first guy was ready to cum, he gagged me a few times and then cummed a huge load on my face, then two guys came next and they were also big loads. my face was pretty covered after just three, after the last three cummed on me two guys laid me down and one guy went up my ass while another was whipping the cum with his cock into my mouth then the other guy cummed onto my chest and face and then I made out with the girl.

it was hot, the guys, producer an girl were impressed as always. hot scene indeed.

I didn't cum at all but I was so horny, we decided to shoot a behind the scenes type of scene where we just did whatever, no script. I told the guys to lie down beside one another and I went to suck on them one by one and deepthroated them, then the girl was playing with my cock and balls, then I sat on one of the guys and asked for cocks to suck while she sucked me, soon I got a second in me, then eventually I wanted them to put three up my ass, they had trouble getting in the right positions but they got it. it was sweet, then I gaped my ass and also sucked them right out of my ass. I was then put in the piledriver position and was taking it in the ass as she sucked me. after a few of them cummed on my face in this position the girl wacked me off and made me explode on my face, huge load.

some guys cummed up my ass too and it felt great, I farted it out onto the girls tits and ate it up.

everyone was stoked about this scene. cant wait until it comes out


01/07/14 17:57
Amazing story! Sounds like an wonderful experience!!! :)

02/20/18 10:30
I think, and it feels through all the articles, that you have mastered your subject from end to end.

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