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Escorting is Legal in Windsor, Ontario

Article category: Escort Services
Submitted on: 09/08/07 03:34

I guess I just assumed everyone knew this. But as of lately the questions I have been asked brings me to the conclusion that not everyone knows that seeing an Escort in Windsor is 100% Legal. As long as you see a girl who is licensed by the city. All the Windsor girls on this board and the other boards, who have their licenses posted, are all Legal to spend time with you.

Because escorting is Legal in Windsor, we do have one big “rule” to obey - Outcall Only. And the reason for that is so that it stays out of our neighborhoods.
There are many short stay motels on Huron Church – which happens to be the same road you are on when you come off the bridge into Canada. There is a thread started about Short Stay Motels in Windsor which can be found in the Canadian section of this board.

Escorting in Windsor became Legal in 1996 two years after the city built its first casino. Naturally when the citizens of Windsor heard news of a casino coming to their city there were a lot of concerns. One major concern was “pimps” “johns” and “prostitutes” hanging around the casino and on the streets. So the city decided to legalize prostitution, to keep it off the streets. The only way the citizens would accept this is if they didn’t migrate into well-established neighborhoods where children play. So the city made it legal only for Outcall Services.
And im sure the city also realized the potential economy boost from this.

Licensed ladies have to renew their license every year, with an updated police clearance. The police clearance cost 40$ and the license every year cost $260.00. A small price to pay for some peace of mind.

I have answered this question to the best of my knowledge, I also invite others to add more information if they feel I have left something important out.

I am not posting this to try to lure you away from playing in MI but rather to explain so there is no confusion.
But, at the same time, if you have decided to take a break from the hobby due to all the bad weather lately, now might be a good time to consider playing on the other side of the border.

Oh and one more thing … Passports are not required to cross the bridge. There has been a lot of talk about it, but they haven’t made it to be a requirement yet. So you still have time for some Canadian fun.

Lots of Love,
Lacy xo


07/01/09 12:58
What this beautiful woman is saying is absolutely correct.. but there is one major update to this article. Effective 1 June 09, passports or passport cards are required at least to re enter the US.

Passport cards, for those of you who are unaware, are credit card sized documents issued by the US State Department in lieu of the full Passport book.
These Passport Cards can ONLY be used to re enter the US by ground transportation. If you arriving by air or sea, you are required to have the full passport book.

You can find all the information you need by visiting the State Department website at

10/23/09 13:49
I didnt know this I started escorting in Canada and retired
I'm a US citizen though, so I'm it doesn't apply to me.
It's good for the client though.

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Elite Tracey
06/26/11 07:22
Thanks Lacy! I didn't know I needed a license to escort but now I do. I'm gonna get mine tomorrow


07/10/11 16:29
I am glad to hear this, news to me as well. I wonder if this brings in more escorts to the city ? I think making only outcall allowed is much better in my opinion, in halifax girls take clients into their apts, not a good idea, I don't think, but most do this because its hard to make money here if you just do outcall if all could only do outcall clients would be forced to go this route, making it better for all!

kumar sharma
07/12/11 06:36
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06/25/13 05:24
Passports are now required to cross the border. But other than that nothing has really changed.

There has been a lot of discussion of making incall legal but that has not happened yet.

Come to Windsor to play

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